Documental Poblano

(Project funded by Dirección General de Planeación Institucional - BUAP)

  • Collection of documentaries from Puebla
  • Selection according to importance of the subject and quality of the material
  • Readings and analysis methodology
  • Discussion sessions and collective work
  • Analysis of audiovisual material
  • Writing of results
  • Collegial review
  • Publication 


Proyecto Chipilo

(Project funded by Secretaría de Educación Pública – Programa para el Desarrollo Profesional Docente - BUAP)

  • Digital photographic archive, from the donation of photographs of the people of the town.
  • Acquisition of specialized equipment.
  • Management of Photographic Heritage (income, copyright, consultation, reproduction and use).
  • Methodology: Kinship tables for the cataloging of photographs, cataloging guidelines (LAIS).
  • Photographic Exhibition.
  • Analysis of photographs for social research.



Proyecto Zacatelco

(Project funded by Patronato Pro-Restauración del Retablo Mayor de la Parroquia de Santa Inés Zacatelco, Tlaxcala - BUAP)

  • Research on the memories around the Parish of Santa Inés Zacatelco.
  • Research on the process of restoration of the main altarpiece of the Parish of Santa Inés Zacatelco.
  • Production of the documentary.
  • Study of reception of the documentary in the community of Zacatelco.
  • Publications.